Cha Dao, Tea Ceremony and its Philosophy

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What is Cha Dao?

Cha Dao is often referred to as a “Tea Ceremony”, but some nuances are lost in translation. In fact, it is improper to compare Cha Dao to Tea Ceremony since they belong to different dimensions. Cha Dao is a combination of tea art, tea ceremony, the environment, and the spiritual practice of Dao (茶艺,茶礼,茶境,修道).

What is Tea Ceremony?

Tea ceremony refers to the ritual and etiquette of tea events and activities. Tea ceremonies in ancient China were usually performed by royalties, nobles, monks, and scholars, therefore the rituals and etiquettes vary depending on different groups of people. There are three major forms of tea ceremonies: Court Tea Ceremony (宫廷茶宴), Temple Tea Ceremony (寺院茶宴), and Literati Tea Ceremony (文人茶宴).

Cha Dao, Tea Ceremony and its Philosophy

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