Taiwanese Oolong Tea

Taiwanese Oolong tea, also known as Wu Long tea, is a world-renowned tea that has been mentioned for about 400 years1. This semi-oxidized tea is an example of a harmonious interaction between people and nature, combining the mountain climate, high humidity, ecological compatibility of Taiwan mountains, modern technology, and quality control.

Taiwan specializes in green-tea style Oolong tea, such as Baozhong tea, which means it has a low oxidation and light roast. This results in a floral fragrance, sweet taste, and light, smooth body. Taiwanese Oolong tea is also less caffeinated.

Depending on the height, tea plantations are divided into flat (up to 500 meters above sea level), mountain (from 500 to 1000 meters above sea level), and alpine (from 1000 meters above sea level). The taste of the tea depends on the mountain’s height, slope orientation, fog frequency, and cut method.

In Taiwan, there are two types of Oolong teas produced - in the north, they make Oolong stretched and slightly twisted, and in the central and southern Taiwan, it’s rolled into small balls. After brief roasting, the tea leaves are rolled into a semi-spherical shape.