Xiaguan Tea Factory

Xiaguan Tea Factory is located in Xiaguan, near the old city of Dali, and is especially famous for the production of 'tuocha'. This region of Yunnan has a very good temperate climate with clean water and tall mountains, which of course they attribute to the quality of their teas. 'Tuocha' has a characteristic bowl-shape that was said to be developed for easy transport on caravans and ease of trade. Tuocha was first produced in Xiaguan in 1902, although the Xiaguan Tea Factory was officially established in 1941. This brand of tea has won multiple awards nationwide and their tightly-packed cakes produce a refreshing and energizing liquor with a strong raw Puerh taste. These teas are highly sought-after by Puerh tea collectors, especially in Guangzhou and Taiwan.