Red Tea

Red tea, known as “Hong Cha” in Chinese and “Black Tea” in the West, is a type of tea that is fully oxidized, giving it a distinctive red color and a mellow, sweet flavor. This tea is well-known for its mellow and sweet flavor.

Being fully oxidized, red tea has dark leaves and produces a deep-colored liquid, as well as tender, yet profound characteristics. At peak oxidation, red tea is undeniably sweet and mellow, differing it from all the other tea types.

The most famous types of Chinese red tea include Lapsang Souchong, Zheng He Gong Fu, Tan Yang Gong Fu, Bai Ling Gong Fu, and Qi Men Gong Fu. Each of these teas has a unique flavor profile and history.

Today, red tea is one of the most popular and widely produced teas in the world. It offers a unique tea-drinking experience with its rich, earthy, and nutty flavor notes and a subtle honey-like sweetness.