Cold Brew Tea - How to make it at home?

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Home Made Cold Brew Tea

As the weather gets warmer, nothing is more refreshing than taking a glass of cold brew tea out of the refrigerator to enjoy a soothing moment during summertime.

What is cold brew tea (cold steep tea)?

Cold brew tea is tea liquor made by using a long steeping method in cold water.

The cold water is usually room temperature mineral water or filtered water (not to be confused with iced water). There is a wide range of loose tea leaves which are suitable for making cold brew tea: green tea, white tea, and oolong tea with varying steeping times. Highly oxidized tea such as black tea is not suitable for cold brewing, as it can’t give out the freshness of the tea leaves. Tea bags can be cold brew too but not recommended. Personally speaking, the lightly oxidized Taiwanese high mountain oolong and Bao Zhong are the best choices.

How to make cold brew oolong tea at home?

It is super easy to make cold brew oolong tea at home and usually no major mistakes can be made.

What to prepare

  • A bottle or a jar with sealing caps (0.5L-1L volume), preferably glass or ceramic materials. This is because glass/ ceramic is easier to clean so as to prevent smell lingering between usages of different tea.
  • Room temperature mineral water or filtered water, 0.5L/0.8L.
  • Taiwanese high mountain oolong (loose leaves), 5g/8g.
  • A tea filter is optional.
Home Made Cold Brew Tea Tools


  1. Put the tea leaves into the glass bottle and fill them with room temperature mineral water or filtered water.
  2. Seal it with a cap and steep for 2-8 hours in the refrigerator. It gives a taste of light to strong depending on the steeping time. You may start tasting the tea at the 2-hour mark and enjoy it once it achieved the flavor you like the best.
  3. To taste the tea, pour it into a glass or cup, preferably with a tea filter.
Prepared Home Made Cold Brew Tea


  1. Cold blew tea can be stored in the refrigerator for 48 hours. Preferably finish drinking it within 24 hours to get the best taste.
  2. Same tea leaves can be steeped twice but no more.
  3. Add one or two pieces of mint leaves or lemon slices for an alternative experience.

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