2017 Dayi 8592 Ripe Puerh Tea

2017 Dayi 8592 Ripe Puerh Tea

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8592 is a classic "Da Yi" ripe pu-erh tea recipe first release in 1985. It's a blend of wet piled tea with an average of grade 9 tea leaves. As is typical of Menghai Tea Factory pressings, lightly aged teas are used to moderate the wet pile taste that ultra new ripe pu-erh teas tend to have. This is a ripe pu-erh tea with a long history of production and enjoyment. It's a good for aging and will gradually gain complexity and texture with age!


Origin: China, Yunnan
Type: Shu/Puerh, Heicha
Brand: Dayi, Menghai Tea Factory
Vintage: 2017
Expiration: Long term storage

Steeping Instructions

Water temperature: 95-100 °C
Steeping: 30-60 seconds
Patience: 8-10 times